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2007 Tré Cellars California Syrah

2007 Tré Cellars California Syrah Zoom

This mildly spiced wine shows off notes of red cherry, strawberry, cranberry and raspberry.

Varietal: Syrah Vintage: 2007
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About This Wine

Visiting the Guglielmo winery is like stepping back in time.

Founded in 1925 by Emilio Guglielmo, the winery is situated in Morgan Hill, Calif. While urban sprawl has been responsible for some venerable estates in the area being plowed over, Guglielmo’s remains — a family business, as it has been for 85 years.

Emilio was an “old school” Italian winemaker. He spent most of his time in the vineyard, tending the vines in order to produce the best fruit possible. He believed that wine should be an expression of the vineyard and the vintage, so he was not a fan of “winemaker intervention.”

That philosophy remains in place today, the main difference being that Guglielmo now sources some of its fruit from other growing regions of the state. Guglielmo’s Tré Syrah is such a wine, and includes a splash of Cabernet Sauvignon in the blend for added structure. It’s a New World wine made with old school love.

About Syrah

Very dark, rich, powerful wines with great aging potential (as long as 50 years), yet still can be drunk relatively young. Distinct pepper, spice, cherry and leather flavors, with smooth, supple texture. Embodied in majestic wines from France, Australia and, increasingly, California.

More About Syrah

Tasting Notes

  • Grape Composition:96% Syrah and 4% Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Grape Source:Premium Winegrowing Regions of California
  • Aromas & Flavors:Red Cherry, Strawberry, Cranberry and Raspberry
  • Aging Vessels:Assorted Oak Barrels
  • When to Drink:Now Through 2012
  • Food Pairing Suggestionpoultry dishes, or baked sweet potatoes.

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4.0/ 5.0

1 Reviews

    This wine taste's like a good italian wine, coodoe's to the vinter. I did deem a hint of chocolate which was surprising and inviting.......get your own bottle!! I got mine!

    12/03/2010 Charles Hufman
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    • Number of Ratings 200
    • Average 4.08


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