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2010 Long Street Winery California Merlot

2010 Long Street Winery California Merlot Zoom

This easy-drinking wine offers impressions of cherry, blackberry, plum, chocolate and mocha.

Varietal: Merlot Vintage: 2010
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About This Wine

Quiz time: What red wine variety outsells all others in U.S. food stores?

Did you say Cabernet Sauvignon? You would be wrong. According to Wine Institute, it’s Merlot — partly because it’s generally priced a bit lower, but mainly because it’s ready to drink at a younger age. Most bottlings of Merlot can be bought today and consumed tonight.

That’s certainly true of the 2010 Merlot from Long Street Winery, a wine that’s rich and aromatic, but possesses a tannin structure that does not require long-term aging. Will the wine get better with some more time in the bottle? Well, “better” is a relative term. It certainly will evolve, and it will “show” differently at each stage of its development.

But if you’re looking for a nice red wine that you can enjoy with tonight’s meal, your search has ended. Long Street’s 2010 Merlot just may become your go-to wine on those nights when everyone’s home for dinner.

About Merlot

Similar to Cabernet Sauvignon but with less tannin and fruit. Delivers earlier maturing wines. Often blended with Cabernet; on its own may soften with age, though fruit flavors may fade.

More About Merlot

Tasting Notes

  • Grape Composition:Merlot and Other Red Varieties
  • Grape Source:Select Vineyards in Various California Growing Regions
  • Aromas & Flavors:Cherry, Blackberry, Plum, Chocolate and Mocha
  • When to Drink:Now Through 2013
  • Food Pairing Suggestionbeef stew, or burgers with sautéed onions.

Member Ratings

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3.5/ 5.0

14 Reviews

    Lightly oaked with dark berry flavors. We'll be saving our second bottle for a special occasion.

    10/22/2011 Scott Reich
    • Rater Rank 2
    • Number of Ratings 193
    • Average 3.86528497409

    Very good. Goes well with crab, escargot and oysters Rockefeller. I liked it very much because of its good tannins.

    11/03/2011 Rex Tate
    • Rater Rank 9
    • Number of Ratings 70
    • Average 3.54285714286

    This was a lot better than I expected it to be. I don't usually drink straight merlot, but usually prefer the grape in a blend. I thought this wine had a lot of body and was dark and heavy just like I like it. I could really taste the blackberry, chocolate and cherry.

    12/03/2011 Leah Taylor
    • Rater Rank 1,307
    • Number of Ratings 1
    • Average 4

    Disappointed! Weak flavor, bland, not up to your standards.

    1/09/2012 Robert J Rohr
    • Rater Rank 1,264
    • Number of Ratings 1
    • Average 1

    Too sweet

    1/19/2012 James Wemhaner
    • Rater Rank 1,192
    • Number of Ratings 2
    • Average 3

    Love the taste of this Merlot. The plum and the cherry really shine and it has a nice finish. This wine was fantastic with smokey turkey burgers.

    1/25/2012 Pamela Riley
    • Number of Ratings 1

    great taste right out of the bottle and opened up nicely. Paired well with sausage pasta!

    2/09/2012 Austin McInerny
    • Rater Rank 1,228
    • Number of Ratings 1
    • Average 4

    maybe slightly above average, but not worth that 4th star

    2/14/2012 Jerry
    • Number of Ratings 1

    I just know it tastes good.

    3/13/2012 Michael Hornback
    • Number of Ratings 1

    I'm a Pinot Noir fan. This other stuff is not very good. I will probably discontinue this club.

    4/04/2012 Ryan Metcalf
    • Rater Rank 1,041
    • Number of Ratings 3
    • Average 1

    Very smooth. My wife can enjoy this wine and she doesn't typically like wine. Would like to buy more of this wine but it's no longer available.

    4/22/2012 Joe Maguire
    • Rater Rank 1,135
    • Number of Ratings 1
    • Average 4


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