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2011 Viaggiatore IGT Sicilia, Italy Moscato

2011 Viaggiatore IGT Sicilia, Italy Moscato Zoom

This delightfully sweet wine offers impressions of nectarine, peach and apricot.

Varietal: Moscato Vintage: 2011
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About This Wine

Finding wines that pair well with spicy food can be a real challenge.

But as America becomes more of a melting pot every year — and as American palates become accustomed to an ever growing number of ethnic cuisines — exotic spices are encountered more often. Dry, tannic wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon simply can’t stand up to many of those flavors.

What to do? Seek out wines that possess a touch of sweetness. At many Thai restaurants, for instance, it’s becoming more common to see wine lists heavy on white varieties that are made in an off-dry (i.e., slightly sweet) style — varieties such as Riesling and Gewurztraminer.

Another option is Moscato, such as the 2011 bottling from Viaggiatore. Crafted from grapes grown on the island of Sicily — where the Mediterranean climate accommodates full ripening of the grapes and, thus, full sugar development — the wine is fresh, sweet and the perfect companion for spicy fare.

About Moscato

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Tasting Notes

  • Grape Composition:100% Moscato
  • Grape Source:Sicily Growing Region of Italy
  • Aromas & Flavors:Nectarine, Peach and a Hint of Apricot
  • Aging Vessels:Stainless Steel Tanks
  • When to Drink:Now Through 2013
  • Food Pairing Suggestionspicy fare, salads, or fruit-based desserts.

Member Ratings

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3.5/ 5.0

6 Reviews

    A nice wine--on the fruity side--tasty.

    1/17/2013 Joe Pompeo
    • Rater Rank 879
    • Number of Ratings 1
    • Average 5

    I do not care much for the sweeter whites. However, I found this Moscato to be quite refreshing and lite. Lively and crisp.

    2/05/2013 G Fisher
    • Number of Ratings 1

    What a wonderful surprise when I opened this wine. I love the bright, fruit flavor and the hint of sweetness. I would never have suspected such a pleasant taste. And I do not normally enjoy sweet wine, but this one is perfect!! Well done staff.

    3/05/2013 Ted
    • Number of Ratings 1

    Wayyyyyy too sweet, like alcoholic sprite. Not much flavor otherwise. Leaves glasses sticky when dry, it's so sweet.

    3/31/2013 Ian Turner
    • Rater Rank 28
    • Number of Ratings 16
    • Average 2.25


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