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2012 Mayfield Cellars California Merlot

2012 Mayfield Cellars California Merlot Zoom

This easy-drinking wine offers notes of various dark berries, black olive and a hint of plum.

Varietal: Merlot Vintage: 2012
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About This Wine

Soft and approachable.

That’s how one of our tasting panel members describes the 2012 Merlot from Mayfield Cellars. The American public has had a love/hate relationship with Merlot for a couple of decades. The “love” began when Morley Safer presented his “French Paradox” report on CBS’s “60 Minutes,” describing how the French experienced low incidents of heart disease despite eating a high-fat diet. The reason cited: the health benefits associated with consuming red wine.

The “hate” took over when the movie “Sideways” featured scenes with poetic passages about Pinot Noir, accompanied by a bleep-infused rant about Merlot. Suddenly, Pinot was in and Merlot was out.

Now, Merlot is back, and the 2012 vintage from Mayfield Cellars reveals what true wine lovers have known all along: A well-made Merlot can be poetry in a bottle. Soft and easy-drinking, this wine doesn’t need a plethora of poetic prose; it simply needs to be poured into your wine glass.

About Merlot

Similar to Cabernet Sauvignon but with less tannin and fruit. Delivers earlier maturing wines. Often blended with Cabernet; on its own may soften with age, though fruit flavors may fade.

More About Merlot

Tasting Notes

  • Grape Composition:Merlot and Other Red Varieties
  • Grape Source:Select Vineyards in Various California Growing Regions
  • Aromas & Flavors:Assorted Berries, Black Olive and a Hint of Plum
  • Aging Vessels:Assorted Oak Barrels
  • When to Drink:Now Through 2016
  • Food Pairing Suggestionmeatloaf, or a veggie burger.

Member Ratings

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4.5/ 5.0

3 Reviews

    Very nice wine with a great finish. Actually ordered more. Nice casual wine!

    11/01/2013 Tony A
    • Number of Ratings 1

    Not usually a Merlot fan but this one is very good. Drank it without knowing it was a Merlot - very impressed with how smooth it was.

    1/12/2014 Elwood18974
    • Number of Ratings 1

    Most merlots produce an after taste that although not unpleasant still it's not desirable. This Merlot has no aftertaste and the initial response is wonderful. Very delightful with a clarity of color and fruit to spare. Loved this one

    2/03/2014 Tom
    • Rater Rank 453
    • Number of Ratings 5
    • Average 4.2


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