Four Seasons Wine Club

Four Seasons Wine Club

Never have to manage your wine club selections again! This club automatically adjusts as the seasons change to provide you with ideal seasonal wines from around the world.


Reds, Whites, Mixed

Price Range:

$20–$25 per bottle plus tax and delivery

Recommended For:
  • Wine enthusiasts whose preference in wines change from summer to fall, depending on climate.
  • Those who entertain regularly and like to have seasonally appropriate offerings readily available.

About Four Seasons Wine Club

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The Four Seasons Wine Club highlights special selections expertly chosen to help you enjoy the most of out your spring, summer, winter or fall.

Your spring shipment celebrates the welcome arrival of warmer months with the inclusion of delectable wines such as a crisp, clean Sauvignon Blanc, a lush earthy Pinot Noir or a lighter, unoaked Chardonnay.

Your summer shipment brings BBQ-friendly vinous treats as well as light and sweet relief for those blistering, hot days. Zippy Zinfandels arrive on your doorstep just in time for 4 of July barbecues as light but invigorating Pinot Gris’ and refreshingly dry Rieslings cool and delight your palate.

Your fall shipment ushers in the return of cooler temperatures and with it wines that perfectly match the hearty soups and stews that begin to hit your dinner table like silky smooth Merlots and spicy Gewurztraminers.

A special holiday shipment will be your saving grace, as friends, family, food and fun abound during these yearly festivities. You limited edition sampler will complement your specially-prepared courses from appetizer to dessert.

Your winter shipment blasts away the frigid weather. As you nestle beside a fire or under your favorite blanket to ward off the chill, you’ll enjoy wines that will instantly warm your heart such as a big, bold Cabernet Sauvignon, a luscious, layered oaky Chardonnay, or even a full-bodied Shiraz.

Even More to Enjoy

In addition, you’ll receive wine tasting notes on each selection within your shipment. These individualized notes provide insights into the subtle variations of each wine—including what recipes pair well, detailed wine information, wine country touring tips, and additional hints to help you enjoy your wine to the fullest.

Four Seasons Wine Club: Customize
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1. Number of Bottles:

Select the number of bottles you would like in each shipment.

Vinesse Recommends: 4

Number of Bottles

2. Pick Your Wine:

Select the type of wines to receive.

Vinesse Recommends: Mixed

Wine Types

3. How Often:

How often would you like to receive wine shipments?

Vinesse Recommends: 5x per year

4. Estimated Shipment Cost:

Each club shipment contains wine within a range of $20 to $25 per bottle plus tax and delivery

TOTAL: $80 / $100

plus tax & delivery

5x per year 4 Bottles Wines: Mixed $20–$25 / Bottle plus tax and delivery

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