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2017 Iron Rock Cellars Lodi, California Zinfandel
  • 4.5 Rating: 4.5
Jeslyn V.
Richmond, VA
"Really tasty and smooth - velvet body and lower acidity. Very easy drinking but hefty enough to satisfy"
2017 Iron Rock Cellars Lodi, California Zinfandel

Reviewed: 2/21/2019 at 1:23 PM

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2016 Cloudcrest Melange Lodi Red Blend
  • 5.0 Rating: 5
Kenneth D.
Clearwater, FL
"loved it"
2016 Cloudcrest Melange Lodi Red Blend

Reviewed: 2/20/2019 at 9:17 AM

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2016 Mayfield Cellars Coulee Reserve Columbia Valley, Washington Red Wine
  • 4.0 Rating: 4
Kenneth D.
Clearwater, FL
"Very smooth loved the color, aroma , and taste"
2016 Mayfield Cellars Coulee Reserve Columbia Valley, Washington Red Wine

Reviewed: 2/20/2019 at 9:10 AM

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  • I never have to think about what kind to buy, it arrives regularly. I like that I can vary the shipment frequency and stock up periodically with the specials that you run. The customer service is outstanding.
    — Susan Greenwald • Kearney, NE

  • My favorite part of being a member is the wide variety of wines available from boutique wineries. You wouldn't be exposed to these in the larger marketing realms, and as such, they are "undiscovered" treasures. I like having the ability to experience their talents.
    — Rhonda Guritz • Ross, ND

  • The customer service staff is excellent and exceeds my expectations. I currently receive my shipments at my business location, and that is extremely convenient for me.
    — Jon Plummer • Madison, WI

  • I love the fact that in the 2 years I have been a member, there were maybe 3 bottles I did not like. I called customer service perhaps one time, and they shipped me a different bottle.
    — Elizabeth Beiter • Middle Island, NY

  • I like the surprise of opening the box and finding wines I've never seen or tasted before. I enjoy trying the wines with different foods—occasionally adding a small amount to cooking and salad dressings.
    — PJ Morrow • Boiling Springs, SC

  • I like the ease of receiving six bottles of wines in the mail without the hassles of going out and looking for something new. I know that I will always like the wines sent.
    — Mary Hileman • Hamilton, OH

  • We love the adventure of trying out new wines from all over the wine world. We have never had a bad one, and many of the wines we have become favorites for us and for our guests. We always end up sharing where we get our "great wines"...because they always ask.
    — Louis Gram • Eagan, MN

  • My favorite part of being a member is being able to branch out and try a lot of different kinds of wines, especially from different countries. I really think that it is a unique way for people to have the opportunity to sample wines in the comfort of their home.
    Brenda Williams • Ringgold, GA

  • My favorite part of being a member is being surprised by the different wines each month. Wonderful selections! It's very nice to be able to taste different wines, that come to me, and know they are guaranteed.
    Kay Adams • Hotchkiss, CO

  • I am not someone who knows how to choose a good wine. Prior to joining, I purchased locally with very little success. There was only 1 time in the several years I've been a member that I received a wine that I didn't care for. That is a GREAT success rate in my book!
    Patricia Meilicke • New Berlin, WI

  • I enjoy the opportunity to try a greater variety of wines with satisfaction guaranteed. Through this membership, I have an "instant wine cellar," something that is new to me. I appreciate having this chance to get to know different wines.
    Matthew Howell • Greenfield, MA