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2017 Les Charmes du Roy Bordeaux, France

2017 Les Charmes du Roy Bordeaux, France Zoom

This Bordeaux beauty offers notes of cherry, blackberry, plum, and a hint of “terroir” (clay and pencil lead).

Varietal: Bordeaux Blend Vintage: 2017
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32 Ratings (3.6/5.0) Rating: 5 Buy It Again Score (84%) Rate this wine
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About Bordeaux Blend

A Bordeaux Blend is a blended red wine with six varities: Cabernet, Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Malbec and Carmenere.

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Member Ratings

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3.6/ 5.0
Rating: 5

32 Ratings


    • Rating: 5

    We really enjoyed this wine

    12/16/2018 Christine M.
    • Spring, TX
    • Rater Rank 209
    • Number of Ratings 7
    • Average 5.0
    • Verified Purchase
    • Would Buy Again
    • Rating: 5

    You can taste the quality.

    11/26/2018 Robin G.
    • Arvada, CO
    • Rater Rank 568
    • Number of Ratings 2
    • Average 4.8
    • Verified Purchase
    • Would Buy Again
    • Rating: 5

    I’m not a big Boudreaux fan. This one wasn’t bad

    11/07/2018 Phil P.
    • Mint Hill, NC
    • Rater Rank 306
    • Number of Ratings 6
    • Average 3.3
    • Verified Purchase
    • Would Buy Again
    • Rating: 5

    Clean finish, but a little light on flavor

    11/06/2018 Ben B.
    • Pasadena, CA
    • Rater Rank 350
    • Number of Ratings 5
    • Average 4.2
    • Verified Purchase
    • Would Buy Again
    • Rating: 5

    Smooth & tasty!

    10/28/2018 Sebastian A.
    • Kansas City, MO
    • Rater Rank 649
    • Number of Ratings 2
    • Average 4.3
    • Verified Purchase
    • Would Buy Again
    • Rating: 5

    This wine is the best of the six bottles that came in the trial offer. It is a typical Bordeaux-style wine, and hits all the marks of the style. If you uncork this before 2020, plan to let it breathe overnight. It is still a little off in the finish now, but may settle down in time.

    10/25/2018 Charles M.
    • Bellevue, WA
    • Rater Rank 188
    • Number of Ratings 9
    • Average 2.7
    • Verified Purchase
    • Would Buy Again
    • Rating: 5

    A lovely, lush red...not too dry, which is my preference.

    10/15/2018 Linsie R.
    • Columbus, OH
    • Rater Rank 182
    • Number of Ratings 8
    • Average 4.4
    • Verified Purchase
    • Would Buy Again


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