Élevant Society Wine Club

Élevant Society Wine Club

Experience pure bliss delivered directly to your door when you receive the ultra-premium selections found within our Élevant Society Wine Club. Rich and flavorful reds from acclaimed wine regions such as Napa Valley and Bordeaux will melt away your daily troubles, transporting you to a plush, luxurious place while you enjoy the comfort of your own home.



Price Range:

$35–$40 per bottle plus tax and delivery

Recommended For:
  • Wine enthusiasts that immediately like to enjoy robust red wines, particularly America’s best big, bold reds.
  • Wine connoisseurs who like to cellar big, bold red wines for enjoyment on a special occasion.

About Élevant Society Wine Club

Need More Information?

This isn’t a club for fainthearted wine drinker. The Élevant Society is an exclusive wine lover’s service that provides super-premium red wines from around the world, with a slight leaning toward America’s best, big and bold reds.

These wines may be cellared, but they are mature upon arrival, ready for immediate enjoyment. Such high-quality wines, of course, carry a more premium price, and membership in the Élevant Society is not for everyone.

Even More to Enjoy

In addition, you’ll receive wine tasting notes on each selection within your shipment. These individualized notes provide insights into the subtle variations of each wine—including what recipes pair well, detailed wine information, wine country touring tips, and additional hints to help you enjoy your wine to the fullest.

Élevant Society Wine Club: Customize
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1. Number of Bottles:

Select the number of bottles you would like in each shipment.

Vinesse Recommends: 2

Number of Bottles

2. Pick Your Wine:

Select the type of wines to receive.

Vinesse Recommends: Reds

Wine Types

3. How Often:

How often would you like to receive wine shipments?

Vinesse Recommends: 14x per year

4. Estimated Shipment Cost:

Each club shipment contains wine within a range of $35 to $40 per bottle plus tax and delivery

TOTAL: $70 / $80

plus tax & delivery

14x per year 2 Bottles Wines: Reds $35–$40 / Bottle plus tax and delivery

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