Malbec Wine Club

Malbec Wine Club

Sit back and relax as you explore the generous aromas, deep velvety colors, and rich ripe fruit flavors famously created in boutique vineyards nestled high in the sun-drenched Andes Mountains of Argentina and Chile, as well as other prominent places without the world.



Price Range:

$12–$18 per bottle plus tax and delivery

Recommended For:
  • Beginning to intermediate wine enthusiasts looking to explore softer, classic red flavors and aromas.
  • The economically-conscious wine lover who enjoys a full-bodied red at a scrumptious price.

About Malbec Wine Club

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Malbecs deliver all the best qualities of your favorite red wines, but instead of waiting years for the tannins to tame down (as you would with a top-quality Cabernet for example), the vivid flavors in Malbec shine through much more quickly—giving you astounding flavors to enjoy right away.

And now you can sample limited-production Malbecs from the finest wine-growing regions, with each bottle conveniently delivered to your front door—from the exceptional gems of Argentina and Chile to the soft, fruit-forward jewels created in small batches by talented winemasters in wine regions such as France, Australia, South Africa, California and Washington State.

Even More to Enjoy

In addition, you’ll receive wine tasting notes on each selection within your shipment. These individualized notes provide insights into the subtle variations of each wine—including what recipes pair well, detailed wine information, wine country touring tips, and additional hints to help you enjoy your wine to the fullest.

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1. Number of Bottles:

Select the number of bottles you would like in each shipment.

Vinesse Recommends: 6

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Select the type of wines to receive.

Vinesse Recommends: Reds

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3. How Often:

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Vinesse Recommends: 4x per year

4. Estimated Shipment Cost:

Each club shipment contains wine within a range of $12 to $18 per bottle plus tax and delivery

TOTAL: $72 / $108

plus tax & delivery

4x per year 6 Bottles Wines: Reds $12–$18 / Bottle plus tax and delivery

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