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NV Il Cortile Sereno Italy Prosecco

NV Il Cortile Sereno Italy Prosecco Zoom

This fresh and frothy Italian sparkler offers notes of watermelon, honeydew melon, green apple and creamy lees.

Varietal: Prosecco Vintage: NV
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About This Wine

There have been few positive results of the Great Recession.

One, however, would be the emergence of Prosecco as an affordable and engaging alternative to French Champagne. We will always love French bubbly, but for those of us who can’t afford to drink it everyday, the Italian version — especially when crafted by a quality producer such as Il Cortile Sereno — makes an extremely satisfying alternative.

For the current multiple-vintage (labeled “non-vintage,” or “NV”) bottling, the Il Cortile Sereno vintner tapped selected parcels of Glera grapes grown northeast of Trevis. The vines are 17 years old, and all of the grapes were harvested by hand to eliminate any that did not attain an appropriate level of ripeness.

This is a fresh and fruity Prosecco with a fine and persistent bead, a delightful freshness and frothiness on the palate, and the slightest whisper of creamy lees. In a word: delicious.

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Tasting Notes

  • Grape Composition:100% Glera (a.k.a. Prosecco)
  • Grape Source:Prosecco Growing Region of Italy
  • Aromas & Flavors:Watermelon, Honeydew Melon, Green Apple and a Whisper of Creamy Lees
  • When to Drink:Now Through 2020
  • Food Pairing Suggestion:prosciutto and melon, or calamari fritti.

Member Ratings

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5.0/ 5.0
Rating: 5

19 Ratings


    • Rating: 5

    Love this bottle, great flavor??

    10/30/2017 Darcie L.
    • Seward, AK
    • Rater Rank 1,190
    • Number of Ratings 3
    • Average 4.8
    • Verified Purchase
    • Would Buy Again
    • Rating: 5

    one of the best Prosecco I have had.

    10/12/2017 Jill E.
    • Bloomfield Hills, MI
    • Rater Rank 132
    • Number of Ratings 17
    • Average 4.7
    • Verified Purchase
    • Would Buy Again
    • Rating: 5

    Love it! More please.

    9/18/2017 Joseph C.
    • San Luis Obispo, CA
    • Rater Rank 62
    • Number of Ratings 22
    • Average 4.2
    • Verified Purchase
    • Would Buy Again
    • Rating: 5

    We enjoyed thisn very much

    9/14/2017 Charlene S.
    • Temecula, CA
    • Rater Rank 7
    • Number of Ratings 74
    • Average 4.8
    • Verified Purchase
    • Would Buy Again
    • Rating: 5

    popular with friends

    8/15/2017 Marilynn M.
    • San Marcos, CA
    • Rater Rank 82
    • Number of Ratings 23
    • Average 4.2
    • Verified Purchase
    • Would Buy Again
    • Rating: 5

    Mostly champagne is too sweet for me but this bottle proved to be not too dry either but has a very fresh celebratory taste.

    • Number of Ratings 1
    • Verified Purchase
    • Would Buy Again


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