Sparkling Wine Club

Sparkling Wine Club

Explore the bubbly effervescence and sweet fruit flavors of world-class Champagne and sparkling wines found within our Sparkling Wine Club. This club features exceptional Champagnes from legendary French vineyards, so you are always ready to bring the life to the party.



Price Range:

$24–$29 per bottle plus tax and delivery

Recommended For:
  • Those who entertain regularly.

About Sparkling Wine Club

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Our Sparkling Wine Club shines a spotlight on some of the brightest sparklers hand-crafted in small batches by talented winemasters in Old World wine regions such as France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal—along with surprising jewels from California’s Sonoma Valley, Australia, and South America.

It’s an exceptional opportunity to try little-known, boutique Champagnes and sparkling wines, which rarely appear on the shelves of local stores.

Even More to Enjoy

In addition, you’ll receive wine tasting notes on each selection within your shipment. These individualized notes provide insights into the subtle variations of each wine—including what recipes pair well, detailed wine information, wine country touring tips, and additional hints to help you enjoy your wine to the fullest.

Sparkling Wine Club: Customize
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1. Number of Bottles:

Select the number of bottles you would like in each shipment.

Vinesse Recommends: 6

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2. Pick Your Wine:

Select the type of wines to receive.

Vinesse Recommends: Whites

Wine Types

3. How Often:

How often would you like to receive wine shipments?

Vinesse Recommends: 5x per year

4. Estimated Shipment Cost:

Each club shipment contains wine within a range of $24 to $29 per bottle plus tax and delivery

TOTAL: $144 / $174

plus tax & delivery

5x per year 6 Bottles Wines: Whites $24–$29 / Bottle plus tax and delivery

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