Great Gift Ideas

The Gift that Keeps Giving.

Nothing says great gift like one that continues to give all year long! Introduce your friends and family to the better way to discover, experience, and learn about the fabulous world of wine with a gifted wine club membership.

You can select how many shipments you would like to give—anywhere from one special introductory shipment to a full year of wine.

Gift a Wine Club

Need a Gift Fast?

It's the day before the big event, and you have yet to get a gift..or worse, you still haven't decided what gift to get!

Vinesse E-Gift Certificates are a graceful way to save the day—good for any wine, wine club, or wine accessory.

These easy-to-use gift certificates are the perfect solution for the person who already has "everything".

Order yours today by calling us at (800) 823-5527.

Please note: Available in $20 or more .

It's a Fine Time for Wine!

No matter what the occasion, a great complement to any celebration is a good bottle of wine! Bring the life of the party with you as a gift, with our carefully-crafted wine samplers.

And, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can rest easy that whatever you choose—whether it's a trio of premium Champagne for a wedding or a great collection of crowd-pleasing mixed wines for a house-warming party—your special someone will be thrilled you chose Vinesse wines.

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The Little Extras.

Your special somone has their wine rack or cellar filled to the brim at all times. Now what? Well, the little extras in life can go a long way! And you don't have to be a expert to select a great wine-inspired gift for your special wine lover.

Choose among a selection of glassware, wine accessories, books, CDs, games and more—all in a wide range of prices to fit your gift budget.


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