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2019 3 Muses Cellars Central Coast, California Pinot Gris

A crisp and lightly floral wine from California’s Monterey growing region that will refresh and delight the palate.

2019 3 Muses Cellars Central Coast, California Pinot Gris

Country: United States

Brand: 3 Muses Cellars

Varietal: Pinot Gris

Vintage: 2019

Item #: 48318


About This Wine:

Why are we so confident in making this assertion? Because Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris are the exact same grape variety. Basically, the differences are a matter of the vintner’s style preferences.

Such a situation is not without precedent in the sometimes-confusing world of wine. Other same-grape situations include Syrah and Shiraz, with Syrah’s more earthy style being embraced by French vintners, and the more fruit-forward personality of Shiraz being largely an Aussie thing. Another example: Sauvignon Blanc and Fume Blanc are made from the same grape variety, but Fume Blanc typically is aged in oak barrels, while Sauvignon Blanc is not.

At 3 Muses, the Pinot Gris name is embraced because it’s emblematic of a wine that’s a bit more complex than Pinot Grigio. The 2019 vintage is floral, fruitful and refreshing — a delightful wine by any name.

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