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2019 Alvaro Cristobal Vino de España, Spain Garnacha

A pretty, clean and balanced wine that delights the palate with a delicious taste of Spain.

2019 Alvaro Cristobal Vino de España, Spain Garnacha
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Country: Spain

Brand: Alvaro Cristobal

Varietal: Garnacha

Vintage: 2019

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About This Wine:

Mainly, it’s about cutting them back once they’ve become a bit overgrown. It’s sort of the plant world’s version of getting a haircut. But managing the growth in a vineyard is a much different proposition. The care varies by the vineyard site and the type of grapes planted, and cutting back the leaves — referred to by growers as “managing the canopy” — can make a huge difference in the ultimate size of the grape clusters.

Garnacha (a.k.a. Grenache) grape clusters tend to be quite large if allowed to grow “unmanaged,” and smaller clusters actually produce grapes (and wines) of higher quality. So the goal at Alvaro Cristobal is to “manicure” each cluster on the Garnacha vines so they don’t overproduce.

The proof is in the glass, as the delicious 2019 vintage demonstrates. It’s a pretty, clean and balanced wine crafted from perfectly ripened grapes.

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