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Beringer Vineyards

Beringer Vineyards

Established 1876

The exquisite wines crafted at the Beringer Vineyards display a single minded dedication and pursuit of excellence instilled by our founder, Jacob Beringer. And if you’re impressed by the bouquet of wines offered at our California Winery, the finest vineyard in Napa Valley, wait until you experience the dedication, hard work and commitment that goes into every bottle of wine we sell. Guests are more than welcomed to visit our lush vineyards, heritage cellars, historic tours, special events, wine tasting sessions, and, of course, buy wine.

Beringer Vineyards Featured Wines

Beringer Vineyards has no available wines.


2000 Main Street,
St. Helena, CA, 94574


About The Winemaker

Growing up in Sacramento , California , Laurie Hook never dreamed of becoming a winemaker. “I didn't even know the job existed,” she explains. “But then I found out that my family had owned a French Chateau (Chateau Olivier) before the revolution and it piqued my interest. Also, I loved history, science and agriculture, and the idea of doing something that connected you to the earth. And when I started tasting and reading about wine in college, I realized that winemaking brings all three disciplines together.”  In 1986, Laurie came to Beringer as an enologist, a job that allowed her to solidify the scientific side of her training. In 1997, she was named Assistant Winemaker to Winemaster Ed Sbragia, and in 2000 was promoted to Winemaker for Beringer Vineyards.