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Petra Suvereto

Petra Suvereto


Petra, like "pietra" (stone) in Latin. Like the solidity of work, which both Francesca and Vittorio Moretti (father and daughter) have based their project upon. Like the historic fragments found out in these lands, giving evidence of a far away past , leading from the Old Greek civilization to Etruria ( ancient name for Tuscany) and up to France. Like the holy stone of the "genius loci" ( the spirit of the place), which here has been investigated, lived and finally told through the experience of senses applied to the result, four wines: EBO, Petra, Quercegobbe, and Zingari as well as a premium virgin olive oil. Surely an ambitious project, claiming to interpret the territory, understand its inner features, making it a unique vineyard area. To come up with this, Vittorio Moretti entrusted Prof. Attilio Scienza, a true authority in the field, with the agronomy survey, whereas facilities have been designed by Mario Botta who has given to the winery the status of an ideal frame for work and hospitality.

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