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Sylk Cellars

Sylk Cellars

Established 2001

Sylk had its beginnings in 2001 when Carl Thorsen, a retired PriceWaterhouseCoopers partner, met Stephen Blum, a Los Angeles real estate developer. Their adjoining Napa Valley properties were ideally located for growing Cabernet Sauvignon, and their mutual love of wine reinforced the decision to plant the vineyard in 2002 and patiently wait until 2006 for the first commercial harvest.

Under the careful cultivation of Javier Renteria, the vineyard developed with a focus on high-quality wine grapes. Each year, most of the fruit was cut from the vines to enhance cane and root structure development. In 2006, the harvest was brought from vine to barrel by our wine makers Bob Pepi and Jeff Booth. Jeff is now our sole wine maker, but he gladly shares decisions and responsibilities with Carl, who was graduated from the UC Davis wine maker program.

Our wives, Lyn Thorsen and Marion Brown, have been amply rewarded for their collaboration and encouragement. Their reward? They now comprise our sales and marketing team and would like you to click here to buy some wine now so you don’t have to read any more of this self-congratulatory text. We are, after all, just some folks who decided to take a shot at making a few cases of very sophisticated and thoroughly delicious wine.

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5238 Silverado Trail,
Napa, CA, 94558