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Rolf Binder Veritas Winery

Rolf Binder Veritas Winery

Established 1955 South Australia

Our mother Franziska and father, Rolf Heinrich, arrived in Australia from Europe (Austria and Hungary respectively) in 1950 as part of the large influx of post war immigration to Australia. As payment for their assistance to Australia, they worked with the South Australian railways for three years. During that time they met Elmore Schulz, a train driver and a grape grower in the Barossa Valley, and namesake to neighbouring Barossa Valley Estate's E&E Shiraz. In 1953 while picking grapes in the Barossa, the couple met Langmeil Road winemakers Chris Vohrer and Wilhelm Abel. This meeting proved to set their future. In 1954 they worked a vintage in this winery, and then purchased the business in 1955, renaming it "Veritas", taken from the Latin quote "In Vino Veritas" - in wine there is truth.

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Rolf Binder Veritas Winery has no available wines.

About The Winemaker

Harry Mantzarapis, our red winemaker has worked closely with Rolf Binder and Christa Deans since 2008. Originally from the Riverland, South Australia's 'fruit bowl' on the Murray River at Renmark, Harry has turned his attention away from the peaches, nectarines, and oranges his parents and uncles grow, to grapes and wine production. 

Harry has successfully completed his Oenology degree at Adelaide University and is entrenched in the glamorous business of making wine.  His passion for premium wine led him to the Barossa where he then joined our winemaking team in continuing to produce quality premium wines.