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It's all about the wine. Our flagship wine club, American Cellars, has become the world's fastest growing wine club because of our distinctive wine club selections.

Unlike other wine clubs, our wine buying experts go "off the beaten path" to bring you the most enjoyable wines from among the world's finest boutique wineries.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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No Commitments.

We want you to enjoy your experience. Because we know that when you have a great experience, you'll let your friends and family in on the secret.

Whether you're a new enthusiast or an experienced wine lover, we know you'll appreciate our value and convenience.

It's simple. You must love the wine we sent, or we will replace it.

We like simple.

Delicious Surprises.

Every bottle arrives guaranteed to please. You can rest easy knowing your club selections are hand-selected and approved by our tasting panel of wine experts, ensuring you receive high-quality, limited-production wines that are rarely found in stores.

Let us weed out the duds for you, freeing you to enjoy better wine for your dollar. We negotiate great deals! Leaving you to never pay for a bad wine ever again.

Your Wine on Your Time.

Your time is valuable. Among the many errands you have to run, why add making sure you have that perfect bottle of wine to accompany dinner?

Simply select your wine preference, number of desired bottles per shipment, and how often you'd like to receive shipments. We take care of the rest. Just set it and forget it.

Your wine rack will always be stocked with delectable vino, along with tasting notes that will guide you on ideal food pairing suggestions.



  • California Treasures Wine Club

    Experience the many esteemed, boutique wineries that have put California on the map as one of the premier wine regions the world, from Napa in the north to Santa Barbara in the south.

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    The World of Wine Club

    Embark on a globe-trotting expedition as you are transported to enjoy the best international wines with each shipment, showcasing the excitement of the wines of the world.

    Learn More

  • Anything But Chardonnay Wine Club

    Diversify your wine folio with the best whites outside of Chardonnay and enjoy wines from the world's most exciting growing appellations.

    Learn More

    Sparkling Wine Club

    Celebrate today’s little victories and life’s magic moments by savoring the bright, bubbly fun of the world’s most engaging sparkling wines.

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  • Pacific Northwest Wine Club

    Whether you dream of rich, complex layers in a Pinot Noir or your taste runs more toward the full-bodied fruits of a robust Cabernet, you'll love the exceptional Pacific Northwest wines featured here.

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    Malbec Wine Club

    Arguably the best red wine value around, Malbec wines have soared in popularity. With characteristics that appeal to Merlot and Cabernet lovers alike, this club is growing like wildfire.

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  • Chardonnay Wine Club

    Discover the diversity of the single most popular wine on the planet! Experience the crazy-quilt of styles from sites all across the plant, from creamy and luscious to fresh and fruit-forward.

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    Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Club

    Do you salivate by the mere mention of “Cab”? You’re not alone! Receive your favorite varietal in quarterly shipments by joining this exclusively Cabernet Sauvignon club today.

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  • Merlot Wine Club

    Revel in one of the world’s most popular red wines, delivering silky, smooth fruit flavors that can be sipped effortlessly at the end of a long day.

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    √Člevant Society Wine Club

    Relish the most exclusive, high-quality red wines from around the world, with a special spotlight on America’s best big and bold reds.

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  • Light & Sweet Wine Club

    Enjoy the lighter side of wine with sweet, delicate selections, including delightful whites, effervescent sparklers, and refreshing rosés.

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    Grab Bag Wine Club

    Be first in line to receive our immensely-popular, seasonal clearance deals by joining the Grab Bag Wine Club. You’ll never pay too much for wine again!

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  • American Cellars Wine Club

    Catch a rare glimpse into the world of limited-production wines—featuring America’s boutique wineries with a dash of international flavor.

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    Earth-Friendly Wine Club

    Adopting a "green" lifestyle is growing ever-popular these days. Fortunately, this also extends to the dinner table. Consuming earth-friendly foods and wines is not only admirable, it's tasty!

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  • Pinot Noir Wine Club

    Always have an amazing, food-friendly vinous complement to almost any dish in your rack, enhancing both your wine and your meal.

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